Writing Prompt: A Snapshot


Those Teeny Hands

Little dude is curious. His little hands reach for everything, and everything they grab moves right into his mouth. His very watery, drooly, teething baby mouth. Sometimes he stops playing and notices his hands. He holds them in front of his face, turns them over, wiggles his fingers. Pulls on one hand with the other. Then, suddenly bored, he slaps his hands against his thighs and starts singing.

At this stage in life, it isn't even accurate to say that time is flying. Life is moving so quickly I barely even register the moments before they're gone. I cannot keep up.

Just wait until he's crawling!

Wait until he can walk--then you'll really be in trouble!

My little man cannot do either of these exciting things yet, but I've been duly warned of the chaos I can expect when he masters the ability to move on his own. He is a very active baby, and certainly wants to be able to get up and go, no help from Momma. So, while it lasts, here are some things I'm relishing about these moments when so much remains beyond his grasp.

We can leave things laying about the house, without worrying about him grabbing:

  • Dad's headphones, all four pairs of them, strewn about.
  • The dog's toys. All the dog's toys. Though she will love the day she can play tug-of-war with him.
  • Glasses of tea, glasses of water, glasses of wine.
  • Mom's heavy reference books, stacked on tables and chairs.
  • Cords. Cords for everything. Everything has a cord.

He hasn't discovered the fun of pulling all his clean socks out of his dresser and throwing them on the floor.

But, the socks on his feet are fair game. So those never last more than a few minutes.

Often the nearest things within reach are Mom & Dad's hands. So we get to enjoy the heartwarming tug of our son holding on with everything he's got quite often. I know these days are numbered: Momma's hands have nothing on the exciting dog toys he can't yet get to.

But sometimes, the nearest thing is Momma's hair. Ouch. 

Sometimes, though. Sometimes those little hands grab onto our ears and pull us in close for a long, sloppy kiss on the cheek (or chin, or nose...he's working on his aim) while he's singing. They're sneak-attack kisses, never predictable, always welcomed. <3