Writing Prompt: Train of Thought/Stream of Consciousness

This week's prompt: write a character's internal monologue (or dialogue!)/train of thought. I'll be practicing this with punctuation this week, then attempting true stream of consciousness a bit later, if I can force myself to work at it. Never shrink from a challenge, right? I've always found it particularly difficult to hit the right balance of writing text that stays relevant to the topic/situation at hand and also feels like unrestrained thought progression. Disclaimer: It's my least favorite writing to read as well (see Tristram Shandy). My attention wanders away too easily without the structuring boundaries of punctuation and paragraph. In need of more practice, practice, practice!

On a related note, shout out to Henry Fielding for instructing his readers to take a break now & then. Joseph Andrews is one of my faves, a good read for a nice, long summer vacation. If you find yourself with a case of insomnia, Tristram Shandy is actually quite entertaining.


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