Revising: Character

Describe the physical appearance of a character.

He ducked his head when entering the room--any room--out of habit. If he were standing straight, his 6-foot-8-inch frame would tower over his wife's by more than a foot. His salt-and-pepper hair seemed out of place with His youthful face seemed too youthful to be paired with his rapidly graying hair. Aside from deep laugh lines and crow's feet, the signs of a life well-lived, the fifty-four-year-old was nearly wrinkle-free. He had lively, dark brown eyes, which peeked peeking out from under rather bushy and unruly eyebrows. His wife was constantly trying to convince him that she should trim them up a bit, but he refused. They chaos clashed with his eternally, meticulously clean-shaven face. But he didn't mind in the least. He wore dark cargo shorts and an old gray tee shirt, that advertiseding a 5k race from 1998. That it still fit was a testament to the healthy form he maintained. Lean muscles begged to be set free in activity. His was not a body meant to creep and crouch, he it was built for the expansive outdoors.